Cracoe Time Trial Results for May 18th 2016

Things looked good prior to the start at 7.30 tonight but, sure enough, the rain started about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Luckily it eased as riders started but it certainly didn’t help riders who were soaked and cold from the off. And you guessed it, as the last rider crossed the line the rain stopped.  Still, it wasn’t a deluge and a number of riders managed a PB on the course tonight – all that oxygen filled air proved helpful to some!  The wind was light compared to last week.

Although he was 38” slower than last week, outstanding rider once again tonight was Ryan Perry.  Two minutes behind was Thomas Wood in the time of 22:59 which was 13” better than his time last week – well done  – and in third place overall was Paul Braithwaite in a time of 23:20 which was  27” up on his time last week.  Congratulations to those three tonight.

In the Vets category David Metcalfe came out top with a better than standard time 3:24 above his age allowance; Paul Braithwaite taking second place with a +2:39 and in third place Andrew Dent with +1:50. Well done to them.

Those of you who have ridden the Kildwick TT’s for the past few years will know that we have a ‘fun’ competition each year.  This year it’s going to be for 3 different categories of bikes, namely time trial bikes (TT), road bikes (RB) and those riding road bikes with clip on bars (COB).  A points system is to be devised (by Yours Truly!) which will hopefully select a worthy prize winner of each category. To qualify you’ll have to have ridden at least 5 of the Bronte TT’s  – Kildwick or Cracoe will count.   I’ve noted down the bikes for tonight’s ride but some of you may have been riding with with clip-ons which I failed to notice as you crossed the line,  so please let me know.

Thank you to all marshals and photographers out on the course and those at the starting area and anyone else who pitched in to help.  All help gratefully received.  Thank you to all riders for coming back safe and sound on a bit of a miserable night and for supporting Sarah in the cafe – oh, her Scotch eggs are delicious…I took 2 home!

Here are tonight’s results: Any errors or omissions please let me know.

PLACE BIB NAME TIME +/- Vets on Standard CLUB Notes/ Age Bike Type
1 16 Ryan Perry 20:57 Langdale 29 TT
2 12 Thomas Wood 22:59 Bradford Olympic 21 TT
3 13 Paul Braithwaite 23:20 +2:39 2 Pendle Forest 40 TT
4 1 David Metcalfe 23:40 +3:24 1 Team Swift 54 TT
5 6 Matt Bulmer 24:22 All Terrain 39 RB
6 18 Simon Dowson 24:59 +1:19 5 Settle Whs 44 TT
7 4 Darren Caines 25:03 +1:38 4 VCBfd/Pennine 49 TT
8 15 Andrew Dent 25:09 +1:50 3 Pendle Forest 53 TT
9 3 Steve Lloyd 25:45 +0:47 7 Bronte Whs 47 TT
10= 5 Simon Pickard 26:07 +0:38 8 Jedi Cycles 50 RB
10= 8 Martin Welsh 26:07 +0:52 6 Pendle Forest 53 TT
12 7 Ian Duckworth 26:22 -0:04 11 Nelson Whs 44 TT
13 10 Kevin Hickie 26:46 +0:04 10 Bronte Whs 51 TT
14 14 Steve Moorhouse 26:47 +0:33 9 Nelson Wheelers 57 TT
15 11 Peter Stone 26:58 -0:26 12 Bronte Whs 47 TT
16 2 Andrew Head 28:41 -1:37 13 VCBfd/Pennine 54 RB
17 9 Martin Brass DNS
18 17 Paul Complin DNS




Weather Conditions:

As usual,  treat the weather conditions with a bit of scepticism despite them being from the Met Office web site. However, here’s what it said for Skipton this evening:

Date: 18.5.2016 Weather observations – Skipton Cracoe 10mile TT
Time 19.00 hours 20.00 hours
Temperature 12.4 10.9
Wind Direction W WNW
Wind Speed 8 9
Gusts Data not available Data not available
Visibility VG G
Humidity 73% 81
Pressure 1003 1004
Pressure Tendency (Rising, Falling or Steady) R R

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