Kildwick 10 mile TT. July 26th 2017

Today started badly with torrential rain most of the morning and heavy showers throughout the afternoon. Luckily for us the rain cleared and the evening was fine.  The wind was getting stronger by the minute before the start and all riders had a very tough time going into the first corner; it was a block head-wind and many riders seemed as though they were grinding to a halt before turning the corner at Cononley Lane End and getting some relief.

(I have to say, as I’m typing up these notes, I am VERY grateful that the TT has finished as there is thunder and lightning, the rain is belting down and the house feels as though it’ll be blown away!)

It was great to see the promoting club well represented tonight with 9 of the 15 riders being Bronte members.

Most riders found the conditions very stiff tonight and so times may have been down on what they could have hoped for.  Most of the riders were around 30” slower than they had been on the course 2 weeks ago – though 3 riders bucked that trend by doing almost the same time as they had done 2 weeks ago!

Top spot tonight for Steve Ayres, representing Bronte Wheelers, in a time of 20:50.  Darren Caines, also Bronte, came second with a time of 22:53 and in third place, a new rider for this event,  was Tom Potter in the excellent time of 23:04.  Welcome to Tom and well done to those three top place getters.

In the Vets category Darren took the honours with a +3:52 on his standard time.  It was good to see Nina representing the ladies and also taking second place in the Vets with a time of 25:12 and a +3:17 on standard.  Third place Vet was Steve Lloyd whose results seem to be improving exponentially, with a +3:09 on standard.  Well done to all vets.

Many thanks to all helpers tonight – those on the roundabouts and those at the start/finish area.

Please remember that it is road bikes only next week


1 12 Steve Ayres 20:50 Bronte Wheelers
2 6 Darren Caines 22:53 26:45 +3:52 1 Bronte Wheelers
3 14 Tom Potter 23:04 All Terrain Cycles
4 5 Steve Lloyd 23:27 26:36 +3:09 3 Bronte Wheelers
5 15 Ben Cook 23:45 26:18 +2:33 5 Bronte Wheelers
6 8 Simon Pickard 23:56 26:54 +2:58 4 Jedi
7 13 Nina Benson 25:12 28:29 +3:17 2 Ilkley CC
8 7 Kevin Hickie 25:26 26:54 +1:28 7 Bronte Wheelers
9 9 David Green 25:32 26:59 +1:27 8 Bronte Wheelers
10 2 Peter Stone 25:35 26:36 +1:01 9 Bronte Wheelers
11 11 Liam Rees 26:16 Ilkley CC
12 1 John Driver 27:14 29:02 +1:48 6 Bronte Wheelers
13 4 Joe Greaves 27:50 27:32 -0:18 10 Bronte Wheelers
14 3 Nick Stokes 29:56 26:54 -3:02 11 VC Bfd/Pennine
15 10 Dennis Parkinson 31:33 27:09 -4:24 12 VC Bfd/Pennine


26th July Kildwick 10TT results



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