Kildwick 10 mile TT 2nd August 2017 (Road bikes only)

It was another wet start to the day but, like last week,  we had an evening of good weather for the duration of the time trial.  I hope that all competitors managed to ride home before the heavens opened once more.

Tonight’s event was ridden purely on road bikes.

The wind had changed direction over the course of the day and by evening time had moved around to the east.  This made the return journey to Kildwick very tough especially when having sailed along to the turn with a tail wind.

There were a few new faces in the event to tonight namely Chris Riley, Jan Pickard and Robert Scott, the latter finished the evenings event taking top spot in the amazing time of 20:18 – although that’s 58” slower than the course record we have to remember that tonight it was done on a road bike!

So, tonight’s finishing order is:

Robert Scott 1st place in 20:18; Steve Ayers 2nd place in 22:27 and Jamie Ridehalgh 3rd place in 22:41.

In the Vets category once again Darren Caines took top spot with a +2:45 on age standard followed very closely by Nina Benson with a +2:40.   In third spot, our Bronte Club Sponsor and tea and cake provider of merit, John Driver had a +2:10 on standard.

Very well done to all those riders and to all those who took part tonight and to the 10 Bronte riders who turned out to support their club event.

Special thanks to Ernie at the top roundabout, (I won’t set the riders off a couple of minutes early in future Ernie!) and to Sandra and Paul for being on hand if needed.  Also to Tony, chief sign distributor and pusher-off.

1 16 Robert Scott 20:18 Team Wiggins
2 10 Steve Ayers 22:27 Bronte Wheelers
3 15 Jamie Ridehalgh 22:41 HMT with JLT Condor
4 11 Darren Caines 24:00 26:45 +2:45 1 Bronte Wheelers
5 6 Steve Lloyd 24:41 26:36 +1:55 4 Bronte Wheelers
6 12 Chris Riley 24:42 Bronte Wheelers
7 17 Russell Marsden 25:06 26:41 +1:35 6 Pendle Forest CC
8 20 Ben Cook 25:12 26:18 +1:06 8 Bronte Wheelers
9 9 Simon Pickard 25:18 26:54 +1:36 5 Jedi
10 19 Nina Benson 25:49 28:29 +2:40 2 Ilkley CC
11 2 Steve Moorhouse 25:59 27:26 +1:27 7 Nelson Wheelers
12 13 Liam Rees 26:12 Ilkley CC
13 8 David Green 26:37 26:59 +0:22 10 Bronte Wheelers
14 5 John Driver 26:52 29:02 +2:10 3 Bronte Wheelers
15 1 Nik Blesic 27:04 26:27 -0:37 13 Ravensthorpe CC
16 14 Joe Greaves 27:21 27:32 +0:11 11 Bronte Wheelers
17 18 Kevin Hickie 27:28 26:54 -0:34 12 Bronte Wheelers
18 3 Terry Pickles 28:37 29:14 +0:37 9 Bronte Wheelers
19 4 Nick Stokes 29:45 26:54 -2:51 15 VCBfd/Pennine
20 7 Janine Pickard 31:18 29:03 -2:15 14 Jedi


Next week, 9th August,  we are back at the Cracoe course with a 7pm start and the next night, 10th August,  is the Granby Hill Climb – which I’m sure all riders really look forward to!

The final TT of the season (road bikes only) will be at Cracoe once more on the 16th August – again starting at 7pm  – and will be followed by some refreshments and prize giving.  If the weather is rather inclement – as it has tended to be for us of late – then a pop-up marquee will be made use of to keep us dry!

Kildwick Road Bike 10 mile TT. 2nd August 2017

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