Cracoe 10 mile TT (Road Bike Only) 16th August 2017 -Season final

Tonight’s time trial was more about fun that fast times – though those riders who completed the course didn’t have much fun on the outward leg into a roaring head wind!  Well, the ’road bikes only’ seems to upset the rhythm of many of the riders and certainly had some of the younger riders shuffling to the top of the pack – though that can’t be said of Darren Caines who bucked that trend!

Anyway, tonight’s results gave us Steve Ayres once again in top spot with 23:05.  Behind him Darren Caines in 25:17 and an excellent third place tonight to the local young rider Henry James in 25:29.  Well done to those three riders.

Our vets category was won by Darren who had a +1:28 on his age standard and a very close second to Darren was Nina Benson who looks as streamlined and efficient on her road bike as she does on her TT bike and obtaining her a +1:25 on age standard.  Third placed in the Vets was John Driver – riding his single speed bike and also looking just as efficient and swift on this bike – he just missed his standard allowance by 2 seconds but it earned him that third spot tonight.  Only the first two in the Vets category managed to beat their age allowance tonight – well done to them.

It was the final show for the season so we had a bit of a prize giving and awards were presented in several different categories.

To qualify for the prizes in the longer course events i.e. the 12.5 mile, 23 mile and 25 mile events all three events must have been ridden.  Results were :

1st Darren Caines average speed over three events combined – 38.13 kph

2nd Russell Marsden average speed over three events combined – 37.04 kph

3rd Ben Cook average speed over three events combined – 36.72 kph

To qualify for the prizes in the Road Bike only Time Trials (that is the last of the Kildwick TT’s and the last of the Cracoe TT’s) both events had to be ridden.  Results were:

1st Steve Ayres  –  time averaged for the 2 events…..22:46

2nd Darren Caines – time averaged for the 2 events….24:38

3rd Chris Riley – time averaged for the 2 events…25:34

And finally the 10 mile events which took into account a minimum number of events ridden and best times,

Results were:

1st  Steve Ayres

2nd Darren Caines and

3rd Steve Lloyd

In addition there was a prize for the best lady rider – and despite Nina being our ‘almost’ sole lady rider this season her prize was NOT won easily.  I’m sure that if we’d had a full field of lady riders they would have had a tough challenge to beat her.  So, well done to Nina Benson.

Additionally we gave a prize for the most improved ride , who also happened to have completed all but one of the 10 mile ‘any bike’ TT’s.  That person was Dennis Parkinson who we hope to see next year knocking another 5 minutes off his times!

There were a few raffle prizes at the end of the evening and plenty of food and drinks for all.  It was a good opportunity for thanking all the marshals who have helped throughout the season and all the riders who have supported the club.  Thanks also to anyone who comes along to be available if needed and to the photographers who have taken excellent photographs of the riders this season.

I’d like to say a special thank you for the gifts I  received tonight – totally unexpected but very much appreciated – and if these results are a little tardy in being put on the internet tonight it’s because I have had my nose in the book I was given, reading the chapter about Anna Meares and Victoria Pendleton, the latter with whom I rode in Australia.

On that note I’ll say ‘cheerio’ for the Bronte TT season and wish you all success and pleasure in your time trialling to the end of your season.  Stay safe and see you next year.

Tonight’s results:



1 10 Steve Ayres 23:05 Bronte Wheelers
2 12 Darren Caines 25:17 26:45 +1:28 1 Bronte Wheelers
3 13 Henry James 25:29 Cycle Sport Pendle
4 3 Harvey Stroh 25:39 Settle Wheelers
5 18 Chris Riley 26:26 Paceline
6 9 Steve Lloyd 26:47 26:36 -0:11 4 Bronte Wheelers
7 14 Nina Benson 27:04 28:29 +1:25 2 Ilkley CC
8 5 Matt Pearce 27:13 26:09 -1:04 7 Bronte Wheelers
9 17 Steve Moorhouse 27:49 27:32 -0:17 5 Nelson Wheelers
10 4 Liam Rees 27:52 Ilkley CC
11 11 Steve Robinson 27:58 27:20 -0:38 6 Jedi
12 16 Peter Stone 28:15 26:36 -1:39 8 Bronte Wheelers
13 1 Georgia Ashworth 28:39 Team 22
14 2 John Driver 29:04 29:02 -0:02 3 Bronte Wheelers
15 6 Joe Greaves 29:21 27:32 -1:49 9 Bronte Wheelers
16 15 Nick Stokes 30:57 26:54 -4:03 10 VC Bfd/Pennine
17 8 Liz Hills 33:41 28:08 -5:33 11 Otley CC Mechanical
18 7 Dennis Parkinson 34:55 27:09 -7:46 12 VC Bfd/Pennine


Cracoe final of Season 10 mile TT – Road Bike Only

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