Cracoe 10TT Results 30-05




30th May 2018

By all accounts it was a good night with little wind though the roads were still wet from rain around 6 pm.  There was a field of 14 riders all of whom have ridden the course in the past excepting, if my memory serves me correctly, Janine Pickard who has previously only ridden Kildwick – welcome to the delights of the Cracoe ‘undulating’ course Janine!

On the top step on this occasion was Ryan Perry in a time of 20:50 – blistering as that is, it does not beat his previous fastest of 20:19 set in 2016 but it is 11 seconds faster than his previous ride this season on the course.  Well done to Ryan.  In second place was Simon Pickard in a time of 24:41  – this time is his fastest on the course this year by 10 seconds.  In third place was Ben Cook in a time of 24:54 – 27 seconds slower than his best time this year but still up there on the podium.  Well done to those place getters.

In the ladies we had two riders tonight – Nina Benson in first place who took 51 seconds of her previous best on the course this year in a time of 26:05 and Janine Pickard taking second spot on her first time on the course

In the Veterans category Simon Pickard had the edge over Nina Benson by 15 seconds on standard time ( +2:13 and +1:58 respectively)  with Ben Cook taking third spot with a +1:24 on standard.

Commiserations to Steve Lloyd who had a fall with some loss of ‘bark’  entering Cracoe………..a PB opportunity missed but luckily not hurt too badly and still managing 6th place  overall and 4th in the Vets.

Amongst the rest of the riders tonight it’s worth mentioning a few others who rode PB’s for this season on this course:

Liam Rees 26:47 was PB by 23 seconds

Peter Stone 26:57 was PB by 37 seconds

Joe Greaves 28:38 was PB by 54 seconds

Rajesh Gautam 29:13 was PB by 1 minute 44 seconds

Peter Haigh 29:22 was PB by 1 minute 36 seconds and

John Driver 30:28 was PB by 28 seconds

All great results.

We can’t end the story of the evening without thanking the officials so thanks go to John Wray for timekeeping;  Sandra Corcoran for pushing off; Ian Moore at the Duckpond and Ernie Hankin and Terry Pickles at the roundabout.

Thanks to John Driver for the fruit cake (delicious I’m told) and the very well received ‘cuppa’.

I’m sure there were photographers out on the course and I feel sure we are all very impressed with the shots that we see every week from Eamonn and Raymond.  Thank you for these great photographs.









1 14 Ryan Perry 20:50 D2Zero  
2 5 Simon Pickard 24:41 26:54 +2:13 1 Jedi Sports  
3 11 Ben Cook 24:54 26:18 +1:24 3 Bronte Wheelers  
4 6 Nina Benson 26:05 28:03 +1:58 2 Ilkley CC  
5 13 Sam Richardson 26:07 Skipton CC  
6 9 Steve Lloyd 26:10 26:41 +0:31 4 Bronte Wheelers  
7 7 Liam Rees 26:47 Ilkley CC  
8 8 Peter Stone 26:57 26:41 -0:16 5 Bronte Wheelers  
9 4 Joe Greaves 28:38 27:38 -1:00 6 Bronte Wheelers  
10 12 Rajesh Gautam 29:13 26:41 -2:32 10 Bronte Wheelers  
11 3 Peter Haigh 29:22 28:06 -1:16 8 Nelson Wheelers  
12 1 Paul Corcoran 29:38 27:32 -2:06 9 VC Bfd/Pennine  
13 2 John Driver 30:28 29:14 -1:14 7 Bronte Wheelers  
14 10 Janine Pickard 33:24 28:38 -4:46 11 Jedi Sports  

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