Kildwick 10TT Results 25-07

BRONTE WHEELERS/NEOPHIX KILDWICK 10TT   25th July  2018     By all accounts it was another beautiful evening for a time trial and despite the Colne Crits being run the same night the turn out for the Kildwick TT was very good – in fact it almost necessitated a second […]

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Kildwick 10TT Results 18-07

BRONTE WHEELERS/NEOPHIX KILDWICK 10TT   18th July  2018     It was a fabulous evening for the 20 riders who started  – nice temperature, no wind to speak of and fewer than normal vehicles on the road.  A pity that our timekeeper on the night missed what were excellent conditions […]

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Kildwick 10TT Results 11-07

BRONTE WHEELERS/NEOPHIX KILDWICK 10TT   11th July  2018     What a terrific turn out of riders this week with half the field representing host club Bronte Wheeler.   By all accounts it was a hot and humid night with the wind in no predominant direction!  Despite the ‘thick’ atmosphere […]

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Burnsall 23TT Results 03-07

BRONTE WHEELERS/NEOPHIX 23TT Grassington Rd/Burnsall 7.00PM   3rd July 2018 It’s amazing what a tough course and the World Cup football can do to a rider’s enthusiasm for a time trial!  Only eight riders tonight on the Burnsall circuit but as we have come to expect, there were some excellent times […]

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Kildwick 10TT Results 27-06

BRONTE WHEELERS/NEOPHIX 10TT Kildwick 10 mile 27th June 2018                   It is interesting to note the huge difference in conditions this year as opposed to those at the end of June last year when officials had to cancel the event owing to […]

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Kildwick 10TT Results 20-06

Bronte Wheelers/Neophix Engineering 10 MILE KILDWICK 20TH JUNE 2018       It was a grand turn out of 23 riders for the first Kildwick 10 of the season.  For the riders who have been battling the Cracoe circuit for the past few weeks it could have been a welcome […]

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Bronte 25TT Hilly 13-06

Bronte Wheelers/Neophix Engineering 25 MILE CATTLE CROSSING TT – STIRTON 13TH JUNE 2018 It was a rather windy night for the 25 but 11 intrepid riders set out to try to beat their previous times or to set a standard for future attempts on the course. Although the course record […]

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Cracoe 10TT Results 06-06

BRONTE WHEELERS/NEOPHIX 10TT CRACOE 7.30PM   June 6th 2018           Twenty riders tonight and from the photos posted on Bronte Facebook page it looks like there was some sunshine – I am assured though, that it was only warmish with a cheeky headwind on the return […]

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