Cracoe Time Trial Results for June 1st 2016

Tonight we saw a number of new riders to the Bronte Wheelers TT’s, so welcome to those riders.  There were also a couple of first time ‘testers’ so well done to them on a tough course!  It was a very windy night for all riders and it was rather typical  […]

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Cracoe Time Trial Results for May 4th 2016

You’ve already had these results on Social Media but here they are with the Vets standards included.  Interesting to note that the majority of the riders at this event were Vets! I believe this was the first evening that Ryan rode with us on this course and broke the record….very […]

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Cracoe Time Trial Results for April 27th 2016

As I languished in the more temperate climes I believe the 7 riders who turned out tonight were met with more challenging weather conditions!  I may stand to be corrected but understand that you experienced all winter conditions in one evening – snow, sleet, hail and etc. Comments from cycling […]

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Cracoe Time Trial Results for May 18th 2016

Things looked good prior to the start at 7.30 tonight but, sure enough, the rain started about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Luckily it eased as riders started but it certainly didn’t help riders who were soaked and cold from the off. And you guessed it, as the […]

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Bronte 23 mile Time Trial (Skipton-Burnsall-Skipton) Results for May 15th 2016

Conditions today were perfect for the Bronte Hilly 23 mile TT from Skipton  via Bolton Abbey,  Burnsall, and Threshfield  to arrive back to The Craven Heifer at the top of Brackenley Lane. Congratulations go to Steve Ayres who today set a new course record in a time of 55:39.  –  […]

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Cracoe Time Trial Results for May 11th 2016

It was good to be back from OZ and back at  the time trials again;  I’m sorry I’ve missed those at the beginning of the season – well, perhaps not the one where you had hail and sleet to contend with! So,  tonight: thanks to all the marshals out on […]

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Wednesday 27th start time is 7.00pm

Please note the start time for this week’s time trial (Wednesday 27th April) is 7.00pm and not 7.30pm as stated on the time trial page previously. As a reminder the course is Cracoe. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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